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Log Home Maintenance Lake Sherwood

Lake Sherwood Log Home Maintenance Services near me

Tired of your big bills every few years?

Lake Sherwood Log Homes/Cabins Log Home Maintenance Services

Maintenance is one of the most overlooked things that we see at the Log Home Doctors while we are out doing annual check ups on Log Homes and Log Cabins. Many log homes and cabins are neglected.

Have you ever heard of a friend or family member that just passed away or had a major heart attack or a life threatening disease? What usually brings these types of things on for people? This is not hard to figure out! You are right we run and work and chase children, hobby's, habits, sports or other things and one day we have life changing news. Well your wonderful Log Home or Log Cabin are really much the same. We tell our kids to bundle up when they go out in the rain but we leave our Log Home or Log Cabin outside naked with nothing on it in subzero temperatures freezing rain, sleet, snow, hot summer days, or spring rains. People say it is so expensive how can I save money and keep it looking good? The Log Home Doctors is here to help you do just that. If we get it in shape and do yearly check ups your bills and expenses will be less and you can save in the long run. This Log Home or Log Cabin we are discussing was probably one of the biggest investment in your life time and it gets care when the budget says so or when it finally is so black from mold and so bare that it is rotting and decaying right under your own supervision..... This thought is a lot like us when when we diet. A diet changes things for a little while; but as we all know we need more than a short term result to have a life changing effect. So as far as your Log Home or Log cabin goes lets put it back in shape and keep it in shape.

We know the economy has been a burden on many. We truly care about your needs and consider that in our pricing. It's our job at the Log Home Doctors to keep your Log Home or Log Cabin looking its best at all times.

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Let us take your old boring siding off and give your home a face lift. With our half log products we can take your normal siding and convert your home to a northwooods log home.

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The Log Home Doctors works in the following Wisconsin areas: Castle Rock Lake, Lake Arrowhead, Lake Camelot, Lake Petenwell, Lake Sherwood Lake Wisconsin, Lodi, Wisconsin Dells, Madison, Green Lake, Mauston, Necedah, New Lisbon, Baraboo, Dutch Hollow Lake, La Valle, Lake Redstone, Wisconsin Rapids, plus Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois and the upper Midwest.


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